Donation Requirements

Below are the mandatory requirements for organizations requesting donations. 

Mission:  The proposed donation must go to an organization or project that aligns with our mission of helping others to help themselves in a lasting and sustainable way.  Sufficient resources and support must be available to ensure that the benefits of our donation will continue and extend beyond our donation period.

Administrative:   Requesting organization must be registered as a federal fax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the IRS for at least 5 years.

Leadership and Financial Viability:  Organization must provide 5 years of financial statements showing sound financial management practices and effective leadership.

Impact:  At least 80% of donation must go to directly help the people the organization serves. 

Additional Information:  A majority of our donations go to organizations that benefit youth ages 3-19, however this is not mandatory.

Should your organization meet these requirements, you can fill out our donation request form.