Here's a sampling of the organizations The Keith and Amy Van Horn Charitable Fund has supported over the years.

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Huntsman Cancer Institute

The Huntsman Cancer Institute is part of the University of Utah Health Care System and is one the worlds leading cancer centers.  They serve thousands of patients every year and provide academic and clinical training for future physicians.


U-Fit Program

Started from an initial donation from Keith Van Horn, U-Fit is a family centered program ran by the University of Utah Health Sciences Program that is designed to serve children and youth with special needs.  They provide physical activities in a non-competitive atmosphere that helps young individuals with autism and other physical and mental disabilities stay active.


Premier Basketball Club

Serving over 2,000 players in Colorado and Utah, Premier Basketball Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing an outstanding basketball and life experience for boys and girls ages 3-19.



In collaboration with all of the players and families in Premier Basketball Club, we have assisted in donating over 10,000 pairs of shoes to communities in need around the world through Project Sole.



Through a land donation donation of nearly $800,000, the Keith and Amy Van Horn Charitable Fund has helped MALT continue its mission of protecting the land in our beautiful state of Colorado.



Through direct donations and support of Focus Missionaries, The Keith and Amy Van Horn Charitable Fund helps support the Focus mission of spreading hope and joy on college campuses throughout the world.